Interview for "La cueva del Erizo" at the Feria del Libro de Madrid: http://lacuevadelerizo.com/entrevista-con-juan-bautista-rodriguez/
  Presentation and dramatized readings of "El berbiquí" at the Public Library "Eugenio Trías" (El Retiro, Madrid), with Ricardo del Pino (actor), Ángel Jiménez (chief publisher of Éride) and Begoña Sevillano (Librarian and host).
  Signing of "El berbiquí" at the stand of Éride at the Feria del Libro de Madrid 2014.
  Publication of the novel "EL BERBIQUÍ" by Éride (ISBN 978-84-16085-41-5).
  Launch of the spanish translation of the poetical work "Días insólitos", written by brazilian poet Márcio Catunda and published by Manuscritos (ISBN 978-84-941236-3-4)
  Publication of the short novel "LA RUEDA DEL EXTRAVÍO" by Éride (ISBN 978-84-15643-96-8).
25-01-2013 Launch of the new Facebook site as writer of Juan Bautista Rodríguez Aguilar: http://www.facebook.com/JuanBautistaRodriguezAguilar
23-01-2013 Joining of Mondadori Group social net "Megustaescribir", with online version of "Umbrío, entre los muertos". http://megustaescribir.com/members/jbra/
10-12-2012 Review by Melânia Silva de Aguiar at number 10 of the online magazine "Machado de Assis em linha", about the translation of "Cuentos de madurez". http://machadodeassis.net/revista/numero10/rev_num10_artigo10.asp
  Launching of the translation "Cuentos de Madurez" (J.M. Machado de Assis) at the bookshop La Central of the Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid, with the attendance of Márcio Catunda from the Embassy of Brazil, and the publisher Manuel Ramírez from Pre-Textos.
06-01-2012 Report-interview about "Umbrío, entre los muertos" at RNE Clásica: http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/audios/redaccion-de-radio-clasica/redaccion-radio-clasica-06-01-12/1288670/
  Interview about the translation "Cuentos de madurez" at Radio Exterior de España: http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/audios/emision-en-portugues/emisso-em-portugues-02-12-11/1265606/
  Presentation of the translation "Cuentos de madurez" by the writer Machado de Assis at the Instituto Cervantes de Río de Janeiro http://riodejaneiro.cervantes.es/FichasCultura/Ficha74783_55_9.htm
  Signing "Umbrío, entre los muertos" at the stand of Éride Publishing at Feria del Libro de Madrid
01-03-2011 Launch of the second edition of "Umbrío, entre los muertos", by Éride Publishing (ISBN 978-84-15160-32-8)http://www.nuevosescritores.es/libros/umbrio-entre-los-muertos.html
01-12-2010 Publication of "El contador de piedras" at number 28th of CUADERNOS DEL ATENEO, with the motto "Frontiers and Limits":http://www.ateneodelalaguna.es/content/view/277/13/
24-06-2010 The Ateneo de La Laguna de Tenerife, together with Caja Canarias, publishes "CUENTOS DE INDAGACIÓN Y NEUROSIS" (ISBN 978-84-931222-9-4), which launch will take place in the next months in Madrid, and will be announced at this web.To get copies of the work, please ask for them right through the mail address:info@juanbautistarodriguez.com
24-01-2010 Launch of "INVENCIONES Y CRONOPIOS", the new blog of the author at this web.
01-01-2009 The work "CUENTOS DE INDAGACIÓN Y NEUROSIS" wins the first prize of the contest "XIV PREMIO DE CUENTOS ATENEO DE LA LAGUNA".http://www.ateneodelalaguna.es/content/blogcategory/9/4/
27-06-2008 PRESENTATION OF "UMBRÍO, ENTRE LOS MUERTOS"On the 27th of June of 2008, at the Public Library Manuel Alvar of Madrid, the presentation of Juan Bautista Rodriguez´s novel “Umbrío, entre los muertos” took place along with its original sound track composed by Eduardo de la Iglesia. Both authors assisted to the act, which was lead by professor and publisher Maria Rodriguez Rodriguez. After a small turn of interventions and questions, there was a reading of some fragments from the novel by Carlos Casado, followed by the hearing of the corresponding musical excerpts. The act concluded with an appetizer and the usual books signing.
11-03-2008 Publication of the stories "El consejero delegado" and "El contador de piedras" at the literary web "Los inéditos del síndrome":http://losineditosdelsindrome.blogspot.com/
15-01-2008 Launched the author’s new blog: “LA RUEDA DEL EXTRAVÍO” (The wheel of mislaying)
28-09-2007 Published the new website of Juan Bautista Rodríguez, meeting point of the writer’s work.
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