Juan Bautista Rodríguez works likewise as translator of Portuguese literary texts into Spanish, having specialised in Brazilian writers, a quite unkown literature for Spanish language readers
Cuentos de madurez Días insólitos / MÁRCIO CATUNDA
Madrid: Manuscritos, 2013 .- ISBN 978-84-941236-3-4

Last poems of Brazilian writer and diplomat Márcio Catunda (Fortaleza, 1957), member of the Associação de Escritores de Brasília and some other poetic groups, including the Grupo Siriará, which he founded in 1985, as well as contributor in different Brazilian and international media.
A stroll between poetry and devotion in which language get dressed of delicate prayer, never leaving some personal and intimate tone. Translated together with Bethania Guerra de Lemos and published by Manuscritos in 2013.

Cuentos de madurez Cuentos de madurez / J. M. MACHADO OF ASSIS
Valencia: Pre-Textos, 2011.- ISBN 978-84-92913-90-9

Complete anthology of the tales by Brazilian writer Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis (1839-1908), translated, annotated and with a foreword together with Brazilian translator Bethania Guerra de Lemos; published by Pre-Textos in 2011. This volume collects thirty of the best maturity period stories by Machado de Assis, chief exponent of Brazilian XIX century letters, as well as one of the most imaginative, elegant and ironic writers of Latin America. Big innovator in the field of tale, with pieces like Uma visita de Alcibíades, A causa secreta, Missa do Galo, A cartomante or Um homem célebre, his contribution is considered decisive to understand the explosion of this genre in the whole continent during the XX century.

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