Canyonlands, a Quarantine Ballad

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Mike Bradford is an American photojournalist on a work trip trying to get home to his family in Chicago. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus across Europe in March 2020, he finds himself stuck in a hotel room in Madrid, Spain, for the foreseeable future. Though he knows it is for the greater good of the world, being quarantined from his family -especially from his little daughter Olivia- and unable to work on the job he loves so much is a challenge that he must face head-on and come to terms with. During the final stretch of his quarantine, Mike summons a series of personal memories. He travels years ago to a North American landscape that was a milestone in his career: Canyonlands.
In this philosophical and very relevant chronicle of the recent pandemic, we are taken inside the active mind of a man unable to be very active at all, and we witness just how fragile the routines that we often take for granted really are. They can be halted in the blink of an eye.

Olympia Publishers (2023) .- ISBN : 978-1-80074-909-2

Pages: 116 .- Paperback: 205x140mm

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